Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some things...

you just want to figure out for yourself.

I don't know if everyone understands that. I know I am supposed to be grateful for every tip I get regarding the baby, because I know that people have the best of intentions and only want what is best for you. Mommies who have already been through birthing have the experience, I get it. And they are probably right 99% of the time.

But maybe some mommies forget what it was like this close to the due date. How much time you spend reading books, browsing the Internet, watching the freak birthing shows on Discovery and listening to peoples advice. How scared you are in your anticipation of your little one's arrival. Scared that you won't do things right. That you'll drop the baby while bathing it or not feeding it enough or not playing with it enough or...or...

I read in a book last night that the most important part of becoming a parent is getting to know your baby. A baby is just like you and me, we have our own personality and our own quirks that we are born with. We are fussy, mellow, easy going, high maintenance and so on. So really, how can you already know what my baby needs and doesn't when even I haven't met her yet?

It's hard to ignore them, because you are already on the edge, with a huge ass and an equally large back ache. All I really want to do is scream at the top off my lungs "BACK THE F*** OFF".
But of course you can't to that. You just accept that that is how some people are and hopefully you have a friend to vent to. That is what happened to me this morning... and here is the reply she sent me.
"It's OK honey I understand. You should take a day off relax and grow that baby. Don't worry about anything because it will all be fine. The baby is not going to be an albino she is going to be beautiful and even if she does look like Tom's ugliest little cousin we will still love her. There is nothing to be scared of and stop reading all those damn books "

What a terrible place this world would be without friends.