Wednesday, March 4, 2009

20 Days..

It's now been 20 days since the start of my last cycle, so in my irregular cycle-land, this is the time when I start getting hopeful and nervous. I feel somewhat of a PMS coming on (boobs sore/short fuse) but then again, I sort of feel like that all the time. I'm going to attribute that to being a normal 31-year old woman.

Tom is going in on Friday for his second swimmer test, and I am hoping that his last result was just a bad report card due to late night procrastination at work...

One of my dear friends is somewhat in a similar situation that we are, they have been trying for the same amount of time. She emailed me this morning and told me that her period came. I feel bad for her because I know what that's like. On a positive note though, I have this lame fairytale fantasy that her and I will get pregnant at the same time and that our babies will grow up and go to Swedish day care together. Strange how we are designed, isn't it?

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