Monday, March 16, 2009

3rd Annual Girls Weekend

was this past weekend, this time around at my house in Santa Monica. We had a great time sipping wine, talking, hiking, eating, kayaking and more.. In the past years we have been many girls getting together for this annual trip, but this time around it was just 4 of us, as a majority of the old gang now have kids and therefore understandably - can't travel. It's amazing the difference though. The 4 of us were perfectly content not going out clubbing dancing all night, rather staying in at night and acting like old ladies watching movies and playing cards. I love that feeling of not having that stress though. Gosh, I would hate to be in my 20's again...yuk.

BTW - 33 days since the start of my last cycle. I am taking my test tonight. :-)


  1. Halloooo ta testet da:-) vantar ju har med spanning!!