Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thoughts of a crazy pregnant lady

First Trimester Common Recurring Questions and Thoughts:

* Is there a baby in there?
* How come I'm not showing?
* Why am I farting like a teenage boy?
* I think the baby will develop allergies from our carpets and will the landlord replace them?
* What if the baby is sick or severely handicapped?
* Who's boobs are these?
* My husband is a) too silly to become a dad b) will be the best dad ever c) has delusions about child upbringing

Second Trimester Questions:
* Am I going to continue to work or take a long leave?
* How come I don't feel full after I eat?
* Is caffeine really that bad?
* I gained a shoe size???
* Maternity clothes kind of suck
* Non-alcoholic beer is pretty awesome
* mmm...meat!
* My husband a) doesn't get it b) is so understanding c) needs to buy me something pretty very soon


  1. I SERIOUSLY love your blog. It makes me laugh every single time. Please let us all know when your hubby buys you something pretty!

  2. I agree! It is a great blog and I love reading it! Nice to hear that you like non-alcoholic beer. And btw, here in Sweden they let you drink at least two or three cups of coffee a day when you're pregnant ;-)