Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A clean bill of health

I just came back from my doctor and she had received the 1st trimester screening from the lab. I guess the risk of us having a baby with Down Syndrome is 1/2200 or 0.04545%. The risk of the other chromosome disease that I can't pronounce nor remember was 1/42 000. She said she had never seen that number before. That made me happy.

Oh - and the nausea is GONE. That in itself deserves it's blog entry, but right now I am just enjoying the little things in life. Walking in to the kitchen. Cooking. Talking about food. Not gagging when Tom takes his shoes off.

And I bought my first pair of maternity pants as I am now +12(!) pounds my start weight. They are so comfy I want to sleep in them. If I keep this weight gain going I will have to put rubber bands on the rubber bands.

But I don't really care. We listened to my baby's heartbeat today and that is worth all the whale blubber in the world.


  1. Så skönt att illamåendet är borta! Välkommen tillbaka till livet.

    visst är hjärtljuden det finast ljud man kan höra! Jag saknar känslan av att ha ett extra hjärta i kroppen.

  2. Grattis till allt! Sa SKONT att illamaendet ar borta och vad underbart med en clean bill. Jattefin bild ocksa!!! Jag forsokte hitta dig pa MSN precis. Kom sen pa att du kanske hade uppdaterat bloggen och blev sa glad nar jag sag vad du har skrivit! Har tankt pa dig jattemycket. Vi ar tillbaka nu. Ska vi prata i helgen?! SAKNAR DIG... Kramar, T.

  3. Hearing the heartbeat is the best!! Congrats!