Monday, August 10, 2009

A Big Softy

6 1/2 months into my pregnancy I have become a huge softy. I know that I am a hormonal wreck and all, but seriously - these changes I am listing below better revert back after the baby arrives along with my belly button and buttox.

* Violence on TV. Not that I was ever a fan - but when I shut my eyes during "Wipeout" I feel it's gone beyond acceptable fear.

* Keith Urban for Petes sake! I've downloaded Keith Urban!

* I love a good crime story, or should I say "loved". I had a new crime/horror novel from one of my favorite authors (Ajvide Lindqvist) in preparation for the 15 hour plane ride to Europe. I had to put it down after reading things like "darkness", "disappeared" and "child" in the first chapter and bought the autobiography of Julia Childs at the airport book store instead.

* Don't talk to me about injustices against kids, animals, homeless people or any sort of beings that are vulnerable. It makes me stop listening and go "lalalalala"

* Conversations about fashion, make up or hair. Frankly - I don't care right now.

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