Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Life Aquatic

Here is a little testament to another change in my life. Pre pregnancy, I used to run several times a week. I'd also hike, do some yoga and lift weights, well, lift myself. Pretty active, but not over the top - just enough to stay in shape and keep my weight and health in check.
I've missed working out, and I mean the sweaty workout. I take walks, sure, but that never really comes close to that feeling of wave of endorfins afterwards. The one you crave.

I've gained alot of weight now, and I am starting to feel it in my back. I decided to start working out again, but this time - in water. I found a class at the public pool in my neighborhood and asked my husband if he would go with me. He reluctantly agreed after my "But it's for the baby and you have to support me" spiel which is the ace of spades in any pregnant relationship.

Wateraerobics is both how you imagine it and at the same time not. Yes, there are middleaged women in frilly bathingsuits and overexposed sun damage. But there are also folks there for rehabilitation, pregnancy or the social aspect - because it's very social. The class was an hour long using weights, doing crunches, jogging under water and various routines. There was a lady who sang out loud to every tune, especially the 80's disco tunes. Our instructor, Igor, was a guy in his 30's with tatoos and a big friendly smile. There were more importantly alot of laughs, conversation, helping and encouragement.

Afterwards, our bodies ached and we were giddy as children. There is no doubt in my mind anymore that our ancestry is aquatic and that we thrive in packs. It was the best workout I've ever had. And I think for my husband too. This morning he asked if we are going again tonight.


  1. Najs...nästa gång måste Tom vara med i kortet!!!