Monday, August 31, 2009

Roll over Pussycat!

Here are some updates on what it's like to be me in the 3rd trimester, going into my eighth months of pregnancy. I promised an update on food, which is mixed in there.

* Mobility: I can't get up without help. This means it is impossible to just sit on a chair and stand up directly from that position. You know how weird that is? I have to put my hands down on something for support, or if I am laying down (which I am contemplating stopping doing all together because of the pure hassle of getting up) I have to ROLL OVER on my side first like I am a walrus with poor eye sight or something.

* Peeing: Everyone knows that pregnant ladies have to go pee-pee alot. Here is an example of how often that is. I am at the office. I go to the bathroom. From the bathroom I head for the elevators to go down to the first floor to buy a snack. I am on the 5th floor. By the time I enter the lobby I have to tiddle again. No joke.

* Food: Surprisingly easy these days. I can't eat that much as apparently the baby is still pretty high up and squishing lungs, intestines and other fun internal organs together, making it hard to eat a big meal. This of course does not stop me from eating small meals like bacon, ice cream and candy. So yay!

* Sleep I: Awkward and different. Every sound wakes me up, even if it's just my dog turning in the other room. My husband makes alot of noises (breathes too loud and makes smacking sounds with his mouth) and it is driving me CRAZY! Today I told him I want a bigger bed, some nights I can't stand even laying next to him. It's terrible!

* Sleep II: Dreams. This is one I actually kind of like. It is common that preggos have vivid dreams, and for me this has proven to be true. I've had several dreams about giving birth to kittens. They were the most precious little things. Hannah and Annika were thir names!

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  1. Hahaha! Ja, känner igen sig i det mesta. När det gällde att röra på sig i slutet tänkte jag och såg min mormor framför mig hela tiden! Att ta sig upp ur en stol var ett helt dagsprojekt!!