Friday, February 27, 2009

Babies, Babies

Our friends are here visiting from Chicago. They have two kids. The youngest one is our god daughter. They are so precious, it's great to have them here! Yesterday I went to the grocery store to get all the stuff they need to eat. It was so nice walking around in the baby isle.

Last night as we went to bed, me and Tom watched a little TV before we fell asleep. All of a sudden we could hear our god daughter crying, and we just turned off the TV and listened to it. I got butterflies in my belly just hearing a baby in our house. I slept really well :)

This morning we played together and I watched both of them as their mommy was getting ready. I gave the baby her breakfast, she was sitting in my lap eating her apple cinnamon puree'. There can't be a better way to start the day!!

They went to Disneyland today, I'm sure they will have a great day in the sun with Snowwhite and Minnie. This will be a great weekend!

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