Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why This Blog, Why Now?

The answer is simple. Because I think about it constantly (becoming pregnant, not blogging)

My husband and I have been "trying" now for 13 months and just started the process of investigating..More of these details later.

It seems like everyone around me, married or in a steady relationship, are getting pregnant or already have their little ones. Some of them more than one! And I could not be happier for them. But it makes me wonder why it's not happening to us, who want it as much as any other couple in love and ready to take the next steps.

I asked my husband and he is OK with me posting details of the process and our life. I'll leave last names out though.

Since this does not seem to be happening "au naturel" I am looking forward to getting there by the support of others and the doctors advice and knowledge. Stay tuned!

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