Thursday, February 19, 2009

Follicles and Ovulation Tests

After my first visit and consultation with my doctor, the investigation of why I'm not knocked up yet consists of a series of steps.
Number one is blood work, which I had done on Monday (4 days ago). That is the first step in trying to determine if I do indeed ovulate properly. As my cycle is very irregular (20-40 days) so is probably the ovulation. So I will leave blood work before I ovulate (3 days after the first day of my last period) and then 7 days after ovulation. Which doesn't make any sense, since I don't know when I for sure ovulate :-)

So anyway, I do the "pee on a stick" ovulation test. They are expensive ($25-$40) which is ironic, since pregnancy tests of the same brand are cheap ($10-$15). They even have pregnancy tests at the 99 cent store for, yes, 99 cents!

I am now 8 days out since my period started, so ovulation should be coming up. I'm testing every day, but it is a lonely little purple line. The pictures above show what the test looks like.
My doctor was supposed to call me with the lab results from the blood work on Monday. The test is the first of 2 to determine if follicles are building in my uterus i.e am I producing an egg?
I am keeping my fingers crossed that she calls me today.

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