Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good News: I have follicles

My doctor called me back with my blood results and they were as she put it "beautiful". I am producing follicles, my hormone levels are where they should, my thyroid is "perfect". Not sure what an imperfect Thyroid is, but hey, whatever works! I will continue to perform the ovulation tests as she still suspects that when my cycles are 30+ plus, I don't ovulate. So it's best to keep track.

So maybe it's Tom. His sperm analysis came back abnormal last week, and he is due for another test to confirm. His motility and count is low plus there are signs of infection.

His PCP (Primary Care Physician) suggested that he does a complete detox and of course quit smoking. The latter is working well, he has cut down significantly and I know it's hard for him.

As far as this "detox" goes, I think it's a load of bs. I want his urologist to tell him that, not his PCP who handles coughs and belly-aches. My doctor recommended that he sees his urologist for consultation. Tom knows this, but he wants to quit smoking completely before he does another sperm analysis - and I agree with that.

She also referred him to one of the top urologists in the US who is based here in LA. Of course, he is outside our network. My care provider told me to talk to the doctor and see if he would be willing to submit the claim.

I am hoping this never comes to IVF which, btw, is FREE in Sweden. That is not the case here...

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