Saturday, May 2, 2009

Patting myself on the back

Among all the things that Tom and I talk about in regards what we need to buy for the baby "stroller" is what comes up most times in a day. I think we are both somewhat obsessed.
For weeks now, we have both been trying to do our research online, going to Babies'R'Us, talking to friends with kids and I even bought a book dedicated to this theme and the end of the day it all seems to come down to one and the same: The Bugaboo

It's beautiful. It's cool. It's what the Santa Monica mommies are pushing to the Farmers Market after yoga at the beach. You can customize your colors. You can coordinate your diaper bags and footrest. It has great resale value. It is the Lexus of strollers. It's $900. 

The price makes my stomach we've been talking about or options.  Tom does not want the Graco-style travel system because of the small wheels, and I do agree that I don't think it will fit our lifestyle living so close to the beach and parks (and to be honest, I don't like the looks of it). He wants the sporty jogger style ones, which I am not so sure about. It means we have to get a separate infant car seat and when the baby grows out of it, it may still be too young for the jogger. 

Then yesterday, I had an epiphany: Emmaljunga! The Swedish one! I had one, my sisters had them for their kids and I remember pushing my youngest sister in one. They have the big wheels, built for cobble stone, walking and public transportation and they are sturdy, strong, Scandinavian quality - just like our baby will be! 
And the best of all - they are available at Sweden's answer to Craigslist: 
The photo attached is selling for $250.

We are going to Sweden in July for a wedding and to see my family. And back home to the states we will bring, yes, you guessed correctly - The Emmaljunga!

I just feel so clever that I thought of this, but you can't really say that out loud, right? 

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  1. You won't regret it, it's a Volvo! ;) Kram Becca